It’s time to See!

This new year has already brought so much insight on what is to come this year.  Everywhere we look we see God finishing things we have been believing for for years.

Esther 4:14  The fact is, even if you remain silent now, someone else will help and rescue Gods people. And who knows, you may have gained your position for a time like this.

This is a year of declaring!  Haven’t we all heard that?  I love it when God takes me to a Book in the Bible that I have not visited for a while.  I love the book of Esther…it is full of insight for us who believe.  This makes me want to find the time to stop and reread and meditate on the Word today.

Isaiah 1:3-5 was another verse this morning that the Holy Spirit took me too.  “Lets go to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob.  He will teach us His ways,” then we will go out from His house and declare that which we have been taught!  We will be saved and our household…so come let’s live in the light of the Lord!

So be encouraged with the knowledge that you are taught from the Word, from the teachers God has put in your path, from the services you attend at church, the converstaions you have with your mentors…God is giving you insight!  He is encouraging us to declare the wonderful works of the Lord.  Every word in the Bible is put there by the Holy Spirit, and is brought to our attention by the Holy Spirit to encourage us in whatever our need is today.  Take time!  Go to the House of the Lord and share what you have been taught there today!  Someone needs it to be saved!  Then you and your household will live in the light of the Lord forever!

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