Praise Report

God ALWAYS confirms His Word!  He is Faithful to fulfill His promises!

One week ago on Tuesday, I awoke at 3:00am; one of those wide awake moments from a sound sleep.  I listened to see if something had woke me, but it was silent.  I laid there and intended to drift back off to sleep.  Nope!  So I began to lay quietly and prayed.  As I did I heard this in my heart. “It is Tuesday at 3:00am!”  Immediately I knew what that meant!

God woke me on a Tuesday at 3:00am to have me book our last flights for Kenya!  I jumped up ran to the computer and typed in the the dates and the costs of the tickets was much lower then I had looked before.

Wow would He do that again!  Worth checking!

We had settled that August was the month God was directing us to go back this next year.  So I began to check different days in August.  The tickets were high, much higher then our last trip.  I sat there and looked at the computer, meditating and waiting for direction.  I typed in a date each week of the month and checked.  That proved to help!  If we left on the 31st, the tickets dropped $500.00 That was staying for a month.  We had felt sure on the end of August but we didn’t know the return month.  (That can be a bit scary!)  I just choose a month, thinking that would be good for us and our job.  I began to a think that maybe 6 weeks would be better for all we hope to get accomplished.  So I typed in the the third week of October.  When the date you choose comes up, there are a few days before and a few days after that appear also.  As I did that the date of Octber 20 was showing and the price was half of the original price we had been looking at!  OMG!  This was actually cheaper than the last trip we had gone in March of this year. OMG!

Larry was asleep and I didn’t want to wake him, I was sure tempted though…just so I could shout!!  I was pretty sure that he would have said “Book it!” After all I truly believe it was God who woke me up to do this!  As I started to make the reservations I still hesitated, because we always discussed this kind of thing together for agreement.  I kept on filling out the reservations, even picking our seats! Wow this far ahead we can pick better seats!

When I got to the decision time of hitting “purchase.” I sat there and stared at the computer again. “Ok, Lord if I don’t do this now will these prices be gone in the morning after Larry tells me to “book it?”  I sat there and no response.  As I looked around on the page of the reservation I was on, I saw a button that said, “24 hour hold!”  I check out what that meant and I could secure this reservation and hold it for 24 hours…YAY!  I clicked it!

Went back to bed and the next morning Larry said “Book it” just like I expected it!  We decided to pray about the date of return and wait for the “go” from God.  That afternoon we agreed and I went to the computer, I wanted to see if the prices had changed back to normal prices…THEY HAD!!!  So I went to our account with the airline we use and found that my reservations was truly on hold and the price was half price!  OMG!!!  SOMG!!! So I BOOKED IT!

Big announcement!  We are going back to Kenya on August 31st!  We are pretty excited.  HALF Price!  Thank you Lord!  Thank you for sending us!  Thank you for providing for us!  Thank You!  Glory to God, going to be a great trip!

If you want to be a part and help with some of the projects, I will be posting needs.  Prayers are always received!!!

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