Your Storehouse is Full!

This is a powerful Word from the Lord you want to read and hear!

“God wants to lift the sound and wisdom barrier in your life:

The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “I have many things that I want to reveal unto you. I have much wisdom laid up for the last days. In the treasure chambers of the temple (which is the storehouse of God) there is much wisdom; there is much knowledge in store. But you have not come; you have not asked. Therefore, My storehouses are full, and I am wanting to give out these great treasures. I have much that I am longing to unveil and show you in many realms of the time and life on earth yet to come.

I have many places I want to take you. I have many days of power that I want to share with you. But your eyes are still clouded, too taken up with the things of time and the five senses. The Spirit is having difficult y getting through to you. It grieves My heart.
The time warrants that, of necessity, I call many of you out into certain areas now, to ask and challenge you to surrender yourself that I might shed this wisdom and knowledge. I am wanting to give light concerning the activities for nations. There is much knowledge of the glory of God that I’m longing to shine upon you. I want to stagger you again, not with unbelief, but with My glory. I want you to hear My voice. I want you to know that I am ready to move, to show, to reveal, to illuminate, to teach you wisdom, and to teach your hands how to make war. I want to instruct you how to go out effectively against the enemy in this hour, so that you will not come back in defeat time and time and time again. I am crying out to you: lift up your voice like a trumpet, and I will show you my salvation! It is ready to be revealed in the last days as men have never seen yet.”” Jeanne Wilkerson from the book Contact with God
She went on to say, “Prayer is an ongoing process, not just a one-time thing to do. Prayer is the lifestyle and practice of holding on to the things of God and letting those things of God hold on to us until, through us, Jesus can operate in the earth as He did when He was here in the flesh. Therefore, be diligent to pray, always believing that you’re also getting to know and communing with God. That is what prayer is all about: getting to know your heavenly Father.”
We are never done! We think we get it, but then we hear in the Word of God, His thoughts are higher than ours! I for one am so thankful that His Word is truth yesterday, today and forever! It grieves my heart at the thought of me grieving His Heart. I want to be called out and to hear His instruction and I want to practice allowing my voice be a trumpet! I want to see His salvation in this world, in my life and my family; to be ready for these last days!

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