Last week while praying, two words came to my heart and I have not been able to stray from them in my meditation and study. The words “edify” and “so say.” My first thoughts were I am sure were no different than yours are now, I did not understand them at first and I am sure I have much more to learn then what I think I know now.

I prayed over these words in the Holy Spirit, praying for understanding to come.
Edifying in the English dictionary as a verb means to instruct or improve someone’s (understanding) morally and intellectually.

“So say,” studying that out was vague but I saw two directions, one a repeating of what someone else said, as “So say you…” and second, what I believe to be what the Will of God is, instruction for us to “so say” the words God speaks to us to say from His Word!

Our pastor talked about a prophet who said this, (paraphrased by me) “Because of the ease, the internet provides place for anyone to speak to the world. “Many “teach” and most of those are without a teachers anointing.”

My prayer?  That the Words of my mouth be acceptable to the Lord; that if I teach, I teach only with His anointing. For there is much responsibility placed on a teacher according to Romans 2, in which the teacher is held to a higher accountability. Without God’s anointing to teach the Word of God, it is easy to be false teachers teaching opinions.

I get that because, I have sung on worship teams and love to sing!  But when I am asked if I would sing, my response is if God asks me!  I have sung when I wanted to and when others have asked and it was miserable.  I might have done a decent job but mostly I didn’t!  But when you experience the anointing and you know it is God asking you!  Oh my goodness!  That is the only way I will sing again!  So say me!  I only want to teach with the anointing!

So I believe this is the “so say” God is asking of me today to share. To “edify” you with the Word of God.  Good News for today!

One of my personal goals this year, which I began last year is to be more like Jesus in the way I speak. The Word says Jesus said only what He heard His Father say. I want to be more like that! I want to speak only when and what The Father says. The “so say!” I want to literally hear My Father say, “So say to them…!”

How do we do that? That’s a bit overwhelming!

If Jesus spoke only what He heard His Father say then we need to study and meditate even memorize what Jesus said, knowing that it came from The Father God. The Red Letters in our Bibles! So this morning I felt prompted to begin to read the “red letters” Jesus spoke.

The first sentence in my bible that is in red letters is Mathew 3:15. It reads
“Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becomes us to fulfil all righteousness.” KJV

I sat there as I read that and focused on the first word, “Suffer!” The very first word Jesus spoke to us in the Bible was suffer! (Selah)

So when you can get past that! Let’s look at what was the reason Jesus was even speaking here.

Jesus had walked up and stood in line to be baptized by John the Baptist. Without saying a word to John, John knew what Jesus was there for, the same thing everyone was there for. To be baptized!

This was the second thought The Holy spirit showed me, Jesus didn’t just walk up and start teaching…He walk up in silence and only when John spoke Jesus “answered” him. John spoke the truth and Jesus knew it. That he wasn’t worthy of baptizing the Son of God.

But it was time for a change! Jesus as the son of man…needed to be baptized, just as all other men have to be baptized to be born again to receive the promises of God.

“Suffer it to be so now” Things were changing and it was beginning right then. It is never easy for our flesh to change! Our flesh calls that suffering! Jesus called it suffering! And because Jesus speaks what His Father says…God thinks so! But he was not asking us to do it alone.

Look at “becomes us…” Jesus was including Himself in the instructions He was giving John the Baptist. Jesus was edifying John. Instructing  John so he would understand it needed to be done.

Jesus understood what the Father said to Him, Jesus is telling us that God said the time  had come now!  God was separating Jesus from his physical walk in this world and doing it in front of the world! God was also presenting us with our spiritual walk, through Jesus.

To go from physical to spiritual living we have to suffer the release of the hold this world has on us through sin. Jesus knew that meant “Suffer!” His first word in red letters.
When we submit to the Word we become, “becoming” unto God.

Then notice the next sentence which refers to John the Baptist’s response and obedience!
“Then he (John) suffered!”

I can only imagine as John baptized Jesus it was hard to separate Jesus the Redeemer, The Son of God, the Spoken Word from Jesus the son of man and the reality of what all that meant…

It also said “Then he suffered him!” I can believe that by that it meant this was hard of Jesus also…any separation is difficult even for the Man of God…Remember Jesus cried out at the cross, “Why have you forsaken me?” Jesus the Son of God knew what was coming soon “to fulfil all righteousness.”

The result of suffering was in verse 16! “The Heavens opened up to Him!”…suffering over!! 

That is just the FIRST red letter sentence of Jesus’s Word and look at the impact on the world it has, on me!

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