The word Encouraged has been a big word for me this week. Everywhere I look I am encouraged and blessed!  I love it!  Encouraged means: Emboldened; inspirited; animated; incited! 

Our devotion today is in 2 Chronicles 15. I encourage you to read it.  This chapter is a prophecy given to Azariah for Asa to encourage him.

The first statement that caught my ear was in verse 2: The LORD is with you when you are with him. If you will dedicate your lives to serving him, he will accept you. But if you abandon him, he will abandon you.

We are so blessed today just by that one statement if we didn’t read the rest of the chapter!  “But if you abandon him, he will abandon you.”  This could be a discouraging word from the Lord if you didn’t know we live in the New Testament under a better covenant which tells us; He will NEVER leave or forsake us!

How true is this statement by Jeanne Wilkerson! “The early church knew how to move cities and even nations for the kingdom of God, but through the years, the power of those miracles has diminished. Somewhere along the way, the church began to take the gospel for granted, failing to act on it in faith and thus missing many of the blessings God had for her.”

I2 Chronicles 15:3 says, “For a long time Israel was without the true God, without a priest who taught correctly, and without Moses’ Teachings.”  The people got so far from the Word of God because of no one to teach the Law of Moses to them.  That is not any different than us today, there are many, many great churches teaching the Word of God but there are also some who stray from teaching the true God or the true Word of God which has caused the people to fail to act on the Word in faith and miss many of the blessings God has for the church; as Sister Wilkerson said. Think of where we could be if this had not been the case from Old Testament times!

Verse 3: “But when they were in trouble, they turned to the LORD God of Israel. When they searched for him, he let them find him.”  Isn’t that interesting that it says, “He let them find Him!”

God wants us to find Him!  Even though they were in sin, He still “let them find Him” when they were in trouble and searched or His help. 

I heard a teacher tell this awesome example:

She was playing hide and seek with her small children and she made this comment.  As a child playing hide and seek she would find the most difficult places to hide to win the game.  But as a parent, she would hide in good places to be un seen…but she would be sure to leave an arm, or a foot visible so that the child could find her easily!  “Or I would be planning all day!” 

This verse says, “He let them find Him!” That makes me smile (makes me “emboldened,”) that our Father loves us that much to let us “win” and comes to our rescue when we seek Him, no matter the condition of our heart.  He wants us to find HIM!

Verses 5-7; Azariah continues telling Asa how God will help him if he “remains strong and not become discouraged. Your actions will be rewarded.” This no doubt made Asa “inspirited!” Meaning: to give new lift to

Verse 8-9 says Asa was encouraged by the message from God and he acted on what was said. This is the meaning of “incite:” To move the mind to action by persuasion or motives presented; to stir up; to rouse; to spur on. Isn’t that interesting!

Verse 10-12 shows us that God prospered them so that they could do what was right; sacrifice and give thanks.  As we find God, act on His Word, share His Word and give thanks and praise to Him…we watch God provide all we need and more; so we can continue moving toward His plan for us.  All that is required is that we seek Him first and then obey what He says to do (and Thank Him!)

Verse 13 tells us that there is death for those who don’t choose His life!

Verse 14, thinking of our life and what we want to represent to generations to come; as I consider what Sister Wilkerson wrote…I don’t take my oath lightly and choose to remain strong and to stay encouraged!  That is how we will not take for granted this wonderful gospel God has given us.

I love the last of this chapter which represents to us that there is a time to take a stand and to set your house in order. God reward Asa with no wars for years to come! Yep I am encouraged!  I intend to keep this in my face daily!  I choose to seek Him and go the direction He is and do what He asks of me and walk in peace, no matter what is going on in the world! 

I hope this has encouraged you!









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