“impossible to deal with”

I am so in love with the Old Testament right now, God has had us in the Old Testament for all this year and we have enjoyed every page! Ha! Isn’t that an unusual statement! But the truth! There is so much in the Old Testament that shows me who God is.

Today we are in Deuteronomy 9; verses that stood out to me today are 3-6. (I like to read the Gods Word translation, it speaks my language!)

Realize today that the LORD your God is the one who is going ahead of you like a raging fire.He will wipe them out and will use you to crush their power. You will take possession of their land and will quickly destroy them as the LORD promised you. When the LORD your God expels these people in front of you, don’t say to yourselves, “Because we’ve been living right, the LORD brought us here to take possession of this land.” No, it’s because these nations are so wicked that the LORD is forcing them out of your way. It’s not because you’ve been living right or because you’re so honest that you’re entering to take possession of their land. It’s because these people are so wicked that the LORD your God is forcing them out of your way. It’s also because the LORD wants to confirm the promise he swore to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. So understand this: It’s not because you’ve been living right that the LORD your God is giving you this good land to possess. You are impossible to deal with!

Unless we are submitted to God and realize He will do it or not as He plans and in His timing, we are useless in that situation.  Many times I get in His way and that makes me “impossible for Him to deal with!” In His eyes! Yikes!

Nothing we do can in our own effort, will cause Him to succeed!  Everything He does causes us to succeed!  We are the physical vessel He uses to operate in this world.  Can you imagine; you need to be in control of your car when all of a sudden your car decides, the path you want it to go, is not the best way to get there and just takes control and changes direction on you!  THAT would be impossible for you to deal with!

Sin is sin!  God removes sin from His path with a Word!  He absolutely and completely causes that sin to be no more in front of us if we allow Him the control of our life. In these verses I can see that as we try to clean ourselves up so that He can see the good in us He will reward us by going before us and work on our behalf! Nope! He operates through us to go “clean the land!” Because He hates sin and will remove it by our faithfulness and obedience to keep moving forward with Him!  We carry the power, the anointing of God within us to use.  We only need to be obedient to, doing what He is asking.

I have a WII unit I like to exercise on.  The balance games make me crazy!!! Sometimes I get on that game and I just breeze through it; other times I can’t get far at all before I am “out of balance!”  I smack right into the wall and before I know how that happened I have to start over!  Sometimes there are things set up in my path to distract me or to attack me which are designed to cause me to fail.  I can see that in this verse; the things that are set by the enemy to distract and destroy us, God goes ahead of us to wipe them out!  Like a raging fire!  We all know that a raging fire leaves nothing behind. But then He says there are times that we are impossible to deal with!  As I stand on that game and try to balance, I know which way to go in my head but all of a sudden my flesh gets distracted by something and I lose control making me out of balance. I get confused and bam! Before I know it I smack into the wall and am destroyed!

After that happens, I have an option to “retry”, or to “quit!”  Isn’t that just like the Word?  God said “I give you this day life or death, please choose life!”  I seriously think about that when I get to that question of that silly game!  I refuse to quit untill I reach my goal.

I also understood this from these verses today.  The Old Testament is full of testimonies of how God dealt with sin.  The Holy Spirit helped me to see that sin is sin!  Sin is still the same sin now, as it was then.  God still hates sin, just as He hated it then.  We are redeemed from sin, thank God, but sin still exists. Our choices every day are still simply “life or death!”  If we choose death…God says, “You are impossible to deal with!”  Which stops the flow of blessing and life to us from Him, until we repent and move back into life choices; can it be that simple? I absolutely think so!

We need to “Realize today that the LORD your God,” sees us as vessels following Him, which allows Him to go before us and wipe out all that stands in our way of success or He sees us as, “You are impossible to deal with!” when we are rebellious and even quit. He then has to stop and wait for us to get back in balance with Him, start over choosing to be His vessel again.  Life or Death!  He cannot operate in death! Yep…that simple!

So this, helps us to understand the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”   Many times we get out of balance from distractions and fear causing us to run into a wall.  Praise God we can simply choose life and repent, retry and move right back into our place behind that “Raging fire,” who goes before us! Or we can choose death and quit!  Here’s the Truth! Choose life! Don’t be impossible for God to deal with!

“It’s also because the LORD wants to confirm the promise he swore to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!” Deut 9:5. God is so faithful, even when we are impossible to deal with!!! So I challenge you today and even into everyday!! Make this a thought you consider when you are making choices in your day!  It has changed my mindset, I know if you prove this in your life; it will change yours!

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