It’s time to See!

This new year has already brought so much insight on what is to come this year.  Everywhere we look we see God finishing things we have been believing for for years.

Esther 4:14  The fact is, even if you remain silent now, someone else will help and rescue Gods people. And who knows, you may have gained your position for a time like this.

This is a year of declaring!  Haven’t we all heard that?  I love it when God takes me to a Book in the Bible that I have not visited for a while.  I love the book of Esther…it is full of insight for us who believe.  This makes me want to find the time to stop and reread and meditate on the Word today.

Isaiah 1:3-5 was another verse this morning that the Holy Spirit took me too.  “Lets go to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob.  He will teach us His ways,” then we will go out from His house and declare that which we have been taught!  We will be saved and our household…so come let’s live in the light of the Lord!

So be encouraged with the knowledge that you are taught from the Word, from the teachers God has put in your path, from the services you attend at church, the converstaions you have with your mentors…God is giving you insight!  He is encouraging us to declare the wonderful works of the Lord.  Every word in the Bible is put there by the Holy Spirit, and is brought to our attention by the Holy Spirit to encourage us in whatever our need is today.  Take time!  Go to the House of the Lord and share what you have been taught there today!  Someone needs it to be saved!  Then you and your household will live in the light of the Lord forever!

Your Storehouse is Full!

This is a powerful Word from the Lord you want to read and hear!

“God wants to lift the sound and wisdom barrier in your life:

The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “I have many things that I want to reveal unto you. I have much wisdom laid up for the last days. In the treasure chambers of the temple (which is the storehouse of God) there is much wisdom; there is much knowledge in store. But you have not come; you have not asked. Therefore, My storehouses are full, and I am wanting to give out these great treasures. I have much that I am longing to unveil and show you in many realms of the time and life on earth yet to come.

I have many places I want to take you. I have many days of power that I want to share with you. But your eyes are still clouded, too taken up with the things of time and the five senses. The Spirit is having difficult y getting through to you. It grieves My heart.
The time warrants that, of necessity, I call many of you out into certain areas now, to ask and challenge you to surrender yourself that I might shed this wisdom and knowledge. I am wanting to give light concerning the activities for nations. There is much knowledge of the glory of God that I’m longing to shine upon you. I want to stagger you again, not with unbelief, but with My glory. I want you to hear My voice. I want you to know that I am ready to move, to show, to reveal, to illuminate, to teach you wisdom, and to teach your hands how to make war. I want to instruct you how to go out effectively against the enemy in this hour, so that you will not come back in defeat time and time and time again. I am crying out to you: lift up your voice like a trumpet, and I will show you my salvation! It is ready to be revealed in the last days as men have never seen yet.”” Jeanne Wilkerson from the book Contact with God
She went on to say, “Prayer is an ongoing process, not just a one-time thing to do. Prayer is the lifestyle and practice of holding on to the things of God and letting those things of God hold on to us until, through us, Jesus can operate in the earth as He did when He was here in the flesh. Therefore, be diligent to pray, always believing that you’re also getting to know and communing with God. That is what prayer is all about: getting to know your heavenly Father.”
We are never done! We think we get it, but then we hear in the Word of God, His thoughts are higher than ours! I for one am so thankful that His Word is truth yesterday, today and forever! It grieves my heart at the thought of me grieving His Heart. I want to be called out and to hear His instruction and I want to practice allowing my voice be a trumpet! I want to see His salvation in this world, in my life and my family; to be ready for these last days!


Last week while praying, two words came to my heart and I have not been able to stray from them in my meditation and study. The words “edify” and “so say.” My first thoughts were I am sure were no different than yours are now, I did not understand them at first and I am sure I have much more to learn then what I think I know now.

I prayed over these words in the Holy Spirit, praying for understanding to come.
Edifying in the English dictionary as a verb means to instruct or improve someone’s (understanding) morally and intellectually.

“So say,” studying that out was vague but I saw two directions, one a repeating of what someone else said, as “So say you…” and second, what I believe to be what the Will of God is, instruction for us to “so say” the words God speaks to us to say from His Word!

Our pastor talked about a prophet who said this, (paraphrased by me) “Because of the ease, the internet provides place for anyone to speak to the world. “Many “teach” and most of those are without a teachers anointing.”

My prayer?  That the Words of my mouth be acceptable to the Lord; that if I teach, I teach only with His anointing. For there is much responsibility placed on a teacher according to Romans 2, in which the teacher is held to a higher accountability. Without God’s anointing to teach the Word of God, it is easy to be false teachers teaching opinions.

I get that because, I have sung on worship teams and love to sing!  But when I am asked if I would sing, my response is if God asks me!  I have sung when I wanted to and when others have asked and it was miserable.  I might have done a decent job but mostly I didn’t!  But when you experience the anointing and you know it is God asking you!  Oh my goodness!  That is the only way I will sing again!  So say me!  I only want to teach with the anointing!

So I believe this is the “so say” God is asking of me today to share. To “edify” you with the Word of God.  Good News for today!

One of my personal goals this year, which I began last year is to be more like Jesus in the way I speak. The Word says Jesus said only what He heard His Father say. I want to be more like that! I want to speak only when and what The Father says. The “so say!” I want to literally hear My Father say, “So say to them…!”

How do we do that? That’s a bit overwhelming!

If Jesus spoke only what He heard His Father say then we need to study and meditate even memorize what Jesus said, knowing that it came from The Father God. The Red Letters in our Bibles! So this morning I felt prompted to begin to read the “red letters” Jesus spoke.

The first sentence in my bible that is in red letters is Mathew 3:15. It reads
“Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becomes us to fulfil all righteousness.” KJV

I sat there as I read that and focused on the first word, “Suffer!” The very first word Jesus spoke to us in the Bible was suffer! (Selah)

So when you can get past that! Let’s look at what was the reason Jesus was even speaking here.

Jesus had walked up and stood in line to be baptized by John the Baptist. Without saying a word to John, John knew what Jesus was there for, the same thing everyone was there for. To be baptized!

This was the second thought The Holy spirit showed me, Jesus didn’t just walk up and start teaching…He walk up in silence and only when John spoke Jesus “answered” him. John spoke the truth and Jesus knew it. That he wasn’t worthy of baptizing the Son of God.

But it was time for a change! Jesus as the son of man…needed to be baptized, just as all other men have to be baptized to be born again to receive the promises of God.

“Suffer it to be so now” Things were changing and it was beginning right then. It is never easy for our flesh to change! Our flesh calls that suffering! Jesus called it suffering! And because Jesus speaks what His Father says…God thinks so! But he was not asking us to do it alone.

Look at “becomes us…” Jesus was including Himself in the instructions He was giving John the Baptist. Jesus was edifying John. Instructing  John so he would understand it needed to be done.

Jesus understood what the Father said to Him, Jesus is telling us that God said the time  had come now!  God was separating Jesus from his physical walk in this world and doing it in front of the world! God was also presenting us with our spiritual walk, through Jesus.

To go from physical to spiritual living we have to suffer the release of the hold this world has on us through sin. Jesus knew that meant “Suffer!” His first word in red letters.
When we submit to the Word we become, “becoming” unto God.

Then notice the next sentence which refers to John the Baptist’s response and obedience!
“Then he (John) suffered!”

I can only imagine as John baptized Jesus it was hard to separate Jesus the Redeemer, The Son of God, the Spoken Word from Jesus the son of man and the reality of what all that meant…

It also said “Then he suffered him!” I can believe that by that it meant this was hard of Jesus also…any separation is difficult even for the Man of God…Remember Jesus cried out at the cross, “Why have you forsaken me?” Jesus the Son of God knew what was coming soon “to fulfil all righteousness.”

The result of suffering was in verse 16! “The Heavens opened up to Him!”…suffering over!! 

That is just the FIRST red letter sentence of Jesus’s Word and look at the impact on the world it has, on me!

Hey, it’s been awhile!

“Time to finish!”

I heard in my heart a few days ago and I understood immediately what it meant!

There are always those things on your to do list that seem to get pushed back for when you have more time. I haven’t been lost but when I see how long it has been since I updated you on our journey I bet you think I have been lost!

So this is a mark off my to do list and to be obedient to that small still voice in my heart.  I am excited to get back to posting about our ministry. So stay tuned! I’ll get you an update soon.


Kenya Trip

October 31 – November 16, 2016 found Larry and me in one of our favorite places. We were able to go back to Kenya this year. The leadership school in Nakuru completed their classes and we were able to go and do a graduation. Our first graduation in Kenya! We graduated 8 students in the charter class at Calvary Restored Church in Nakuru, Kenya.



Charter Class of Word Fellowship Bible School International Kenya of 2016

These students have a very special assignment in Kenya!

God has called them to be missionaries He is going to send throughout Kenya and all of Africa. Jody Baker, founder of Word Fellowship Bible School International, went with us and commissioned them to do just that. As Larry and I have been a part of and watched this class grow through many struggles to continue the school there, they have faithfully fulfilled all the requirements and received their diplomas on November 13th 2016. It was a wonderful celebration of what God has done for these students and we know they will continue to be faithful to their call and continue their work for the Lord there. A new class will start on December 3, 2016 with an estimated 25 students this time! Praise God! Special thanks to Jody Baker, Pastor Henry Nyamweya of Calvary Restored Church and James Akenga our National Director in Kenya.

2016 Pastors and Pastors Wives Conference

While we were there we also held the second annual Pastors and Pastors Wives Conference. Rev Jody Baker, Word Fellowship International from Chouteau OK and James Akenga, LDT Ministries National Director from Nakuru, Kenya were the guest speakers. The theme of the conference this year was “Enlarge Your Tent.” There were a total of 63 pastors and their wives and some guests who attended. It was a great time in the Lord. We thank God for the Word that went forth, and the Praise and Worship was fantastic! Thank you to all who had a part in that! We were able to introduce the school to the pastors and many are interested in putting a school in their churches. There will be one starting in Nairobi in February. We are very excited to watch God move through these pastors to fulfill the plan of God in Kenya! We look forward to next year’s conference.


Jody Baker teaching on Caring for your Garden


James Akenga teaching on Enlarging your Tent

For LDT Ministries “Enlarge your Tent” meant to visit other ministries and to move out more into other areas of Kenya. We are so proud to introduce two other ministries that we were able to visit and we look forward to sharing more about them as well as helping them with some of their projects.


Please meet Pastor Julius and his wife Tabitha!


And their children! All 75+ staff and orphans of Quest for Happiness Orphanage and Christian Academy in Nairobi… I look forward to introducing this ministry more in my next blog. There is so much to share of this amazing couple and how God has used them to rescue and take in these orphans over the past 10 years. We are so excited to partner with them: Pastor Julius will host a Word Fellowship Bible School beginning in February. Larry and I felt a bond with them immediately and God grew that bond in the short time we had to visit them. We look forward to all that God has for us to do together for Him. Welcome Pastor Julius and Tabitha!


Please meet Rose Bugusu; founder and director of Tumani Miles of Smiles Children’s Home in Malava, Kenya.


This woman! How do we even describe this woman of God? We cannot wait to tell you more about her ministry. We thank God for the opportunity to meet Rose and help tell her story! It was a beautiful but very rough 5-6 hour drive from Nakuru, but so worth the trip! We can’t wait to go back. Her story is nothing but a testimony of God’s direction, her willing and obedience to hear and follow Him. I couldn’t help but to think of Mother Teresa’s ministry. We had such a wonderful, tearful and humbling visit of only 2 short days but what she filled us with will take many posts to deliver to you.

I look forward to the task God has given me to share more about all these ministries in the New Year, but for now we want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, and as we head into this New Year may God “Enlarge Your Tents!”

Larry and Debra Titsworth



Upcoming Events

October 31st-November 17
We are headed back to Kenya. This trip we will have the privilege to do the first graduation of the Word Fellowship Bible School International. These students have worked very hard and have successfully finished the classes required for the completion of this charter class which is a 2 year program of our Training the Trainers in Nakuru Kenya. Jody Baker, Founder and Director of Word Fellowship International will be traveling there with us to officiate the graduation. We believe this is the first graduating class of many to come!

We want to thank Pastor Henry Nyamweya of Calvary Restored Church in Nakuru who invited us to Kenya and welcomed the school into his church.  He, himself will be one of the graduates!  Congratulations to you Pastor Henry it has been a privilege to watch God moving in your ministry and we look forward to God bringing you many more students! It was your prayers that allowed God to open this door! Thank you!
While there we will also host a Pastor’s and Pastors Wives Conference, of which Jody Baker, Word Fellowship Ministries International from Chouteau OK, will be the guest speaker. This will be LDT Ministries second annual conference. Last year there were approximately 80 pastors and wives who attended.
We will also have the privilege to visit two ministries for the first time. We are super excited about that. First in Nairobi we will meet Pastor Julius Makathimo and his family and staff at Quest for Happiness Ministries. Then second we will travel to Malava, Kenya to visit Director Rose Bugusu and her ministry.  We are excited to watch and see what God has in store! We thank God for His connections and as we grow in Kenya we are thankful for your prayers and support!
You can help us pray for God to open the eyes, ears and hearts of the people in Kenya that He may accomplish all He desires to do there through this team and this trip. It will be unique! It will be unlike any other because He has planned and purposed this time for us and these precious people. We are humbled and honored to be a part of the mighty work that He is doing in all of Kenya!  He has given us a theme this year of “Enlarge your Tent!”

If you would like to help us with a financial donation to help meet the needs of this trip please find the information you need on the “Contact Us” page. We thank you!



The word Encouraged has been a big word for me this week. Everywhere I look I am encouraged and blessed!  I love it!  Encouraged means: Emboldened; inspirited; animated; incited! 

Our devotion today is in 2 Chronicles 15. I encourage you to read it.  This chapter is a prophecy given to Azariah for Asa to encourage him.

The first statement that caught my ear was in verse 2: The LORD is with you when you are with him. If you will dedicate your lives to serving him, he will accept you. But if you abandon him, he will abandon you.

We are so blessed today just by that one statement if we didn’t read the rest of the chapter!  “But if you abandon him, he will abandon you.”  This could be a discouraging word from the Lord if you didn’t know we live in the New Testament under a better covenant which tells us; He will NEVER leave or forsake us!

How true is this statement by Jeanne Wilkerson! “The early church knew how to move cities and even nations for the kingdom of God, but through the years, the power of those miracles has diminished. Somewhere along the way, the church began to take the gospel for granted, failing to act on it in faith and thus missing many of the blessings God had for her.”

I2 Chronicles 15:3 says, “For a long time Israel was without the true God, without a priest who taught correctly, and without Moses’ Teachings.”  The people got so far from the Word of God because of no one to teach the Law of Moses to them.  That is not any different than us today, there are many, many great churches teaching the Word of God but there are also some who stray from teaching the true God or the true Word of God which has caused the people to fail to act on the Word in faith and miss many of the blessings God has for the church; as Sister Wilkerson said. Think of where we could be if this had not been the case from Old Testament times!

Verse 3: “But when they were in trouble, they turned to the LORD God of Israel. When they searched for him, he let them find him.”  Isn’t that interesting that it says, “He let them find Him!”

God wants us to find Him!  Even though they were in sin, He still “let them find Him” when they were in trouble and searched or His help. 

I heard a teacher tell this awesome example:

She was playing hide and seek with her small children and she made this comment.  As a child playing hide and seek she would find the most difficult places to hide to win the game.  But as a parent, she would hide in good places to be un seen…but she would be sure to leave an arm, or a foot visible so that the child could find her easily!  “Or I would be planning all day!” 

This verse says, “He let them find Him!” That makes me smile (makes me “emboldened,”) that our Father loves us that much to let us “win” and comes to our rescue when we seek Him, no matter the condition of our heart.  He wants us to find HIM!

Verses 5-7; Azariah continues telling Asa how God will help him if he “remains strong and not become discouraged. Your actions will be rewarded.” This no doubt made Asa “inspirited!” Meaning: to give new lift to

Verse 8-9 says Asa was encouraged by the message from God and he acted on what was said. This is the meaning of “incite:” To move the mind to action by persuasion or motives presented; to stir up; to rouse; to spur on. Isn’t that interesting!

Verse 10-12 shows us that God prospered them so that they could do what was right; sacrifice and give thanks.  As we find God, act on His Word, share His Word and give thanks and praise to Him…we watch God provide all we need and more; so we can continue moving toward His plan for us.  All that is required is that we seek Him first and then obey what He says to do (and Thank Him!)

Verse 13 tells us that there is death for those who don’t choose His life!

Verse 14, thinking of our life and what we want to represent to generations to come; as I consider what Sister Wilkerson wrote…I don’t take my oath lightly and choose to remain strong and to stay encouraged!  That is how we will not take for granted this wonderful gospel God has given us.

I love the last of this chapter which represents to us that there is a time to take a stand and to set your house in order. God reward Asa with no wars for years to come! Yep I am encouraged!  I intend to keep this in my face daily!  I choose to seek Him and go the direction He is and do what He asks of me and walk in peace, no matter what is going on in the world! 

I hope this has encouraged you!









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